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Abby Zhao 
2:16pm - 15 MayPublic
Advantages of plate heat exchanger 
1. The heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger is higher than that of other heat exchangers. When designing plate heat exchangers, some special corrugates are designed on the plates. Never underestimate the role of these corrugates. They can make the fluid flow with strong turbulence at very low flow rates. The self-purification effect of turbulence can prevent fouling. The heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchangers is much higher than that of other types of heat exchangers. 

2. Plate heat exchangers also have economic advantages. On the premise of the same heat, plate heat exchangers have lower investment, operation and maintenance costs than other types of heat exchangers. By contrast, plate heat exchangers are definitely more attractive in the market than other commodities. 

3. Plate heat exchangers also have advantages in structure. In the same heat transfer capacity, the occupied area is only 30%-50% of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. In addition, the process can be changed by increasing or reducing the plate size.
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