WD Western Data My Passport Mobile Hard Disk Experience Open Box

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WD Western Data My Passport Mobile Hard Disk Experience Open Box

Reasons for purchase

The last time I bought a mobile hard disk was six or seven years ago. It was a 750G mobile hard disk in the west. It broke once in the past two years and lost a lot of data. Although it can be used again after formatting, it has never been a problem, but I still feel uneasy. Important documents are not dared to be loaded into it. It's a pity to throw them away. In addition, in recent years, a lot of files need to be stored. Although XX cloud disk can also be used, it is still very inconvenient because of the constraints of network speed, so the idea of buying a new hard disk came into being.

As an action faction, of course, I have to take action, so I quickly went to see Amazon. It happened that the red number of this day was a little red activity, so I decided to place an order and the price was 512 yuan. wd external hard drive recovery is very trouble,  So you need to ensure that the quality of mobile hard disk is excellent.

Out of the box & appearance

The front of the package is yellow and white, and then with a large red hard drive picture, the color is very positive, it looks very eye-catching.

The back of the package is a description of the performance of some products and related parameters.

The top label indicates the origin of the hard drive: Thailand, and my hard drive origin.

You can take out the contents by tearing off the top seal. The hard disk body is sandwiched between two plastic cardboard boxes for protection. The cardboard boxes have a certain anti-seismic effect, but they are still slightly thin.

This hard disk is said to be made by the Nordic Red Spot Design Master himself. The front of the whole hard disk is designed in two stages. It has a smooth surface, a logo with WD, and a special twill underneath, which makes the appearance of the hard disk very layered and not very monotonous. In addition, the red color matching is really good-looking.

The back of the hard disk is also a two-stage design, and four pads are added to ensure the stability of the placement.

In the aspect of the interface, the USB 3.0 interface is adopted, the popular Type-C interface is not adopted, and there is no WIFI transmission function.

The indicator lamp at the bottom of the hard disk flickers when there is data to read and write. The data line is very hard, which is a bit of an obstacle.

performance testing

For mobile hard disk, the most important performance index is undoubtedly the speed of data reading and writing. CrystalDiskMark is a mainstream testing tool for the basic performance of hard disk. It takes the average value through five tests, so it has high accuracy. For the continuous transmission rate, the software test is more accurate. In this paper, 1000MB data volume is used to measure the speed of the hard disk. The results are shown in the figure.

From the above measurements, we can see that the reading and writing speed of this Western Mobile Hard Disk is 117.2MB/s and 116.7MB/s, respectively when using the USB3.0 interface. This achievement is not outstanding. It can only be said to be moderate, but it is still enough if it is only used as a daily backup. After all, when speed is needed, I can use the U disk.



1. Fashionable appearance, with a certain sense of design, which caters well to the needs of some appearance party;

2. The price is cheaper and it belongs to the category of high performance-price ratio.

3. With backup and encryption software, it is more suitable for people who have data security requirements.


1. The speed of data reading and writing in general.

2. Thicker and without chamfering around, the grip feeling in general.

3. The data line is too hard.