Speaking of U-disk, I believe everyone knows very well that it is compact and easy to carry, many st

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Speaking of U-disk, I believe everyone knows very well that it is compact and easy to carry, many students will buy a U-disk to store their commonly used information. So the U disk market is also very popular, up to Tianmao Jingdong, down to roadside stalls have a variety of U disk, for friends who want to buy U disk, inevitably some dazzling. Next, I will give you some knowledge about U disk for popular science, to prevent you from being deceived.

The market is flooded with inferior U-disks

Let's first understand the composition of the U disk. The structure of U disk and SSD is basically similar. They are composed of main controller, PCB and flash memory, but their volumes are different. But compared with the flash particles in SSD, most of the flash particles in U disk have poor quality and shorter life. Generally speaking, a factory with a wafer factory will produce a complete wafer. Although it is the same wafer, the wafer quality is different in each part. If you buy a bad quality U-disk, you will consider flash drive recovery.

Therefore, a complete wafer is bound to be cut and packaged into high-quality SSD, and the remaining corner material is called black chip. In fact, considering the quality assurance, the original factory will declare the particle dead, which is strictly defined as the waste disposal.

Generally speaking, the price of the original film is very high, while the price of black film as a scrap product is very low. Some illegal manufacturers recycle them at very low prices and make black-core SSDs or U-disks to continue to sell.

From the quality point of view, it is difficult to use the black flash memory particles normally, because the original factory has already sentenced such particles to death when they leave the factory. But unlawful manufacturers turn it over and sell it, that is to say, re-encapsulate it, but the quality is undoubtedly very poor. So the U disk of this kind of particle basically depends on luck. Good luck can last for three or five months, and bad luck will break down in a few days.

U-disk chaos: too cheap is the pit

U-disk seems cheap, but the cost is very high. Many manufacturers regularly purchase flash memory particles and then sell them at a higher price than the market. It is difficult to sell them, so this also forces manufacturers to produce inferior U disk.

As a mobile storage device, the usage frequency of U disk is much lower than SSD. Many users may not use U disk once a month, but they will open the computer every day. So this leads to a situation: although the quality of U disk is poor, its failure rate is far lower than SSD.

Wouldn't it be okay to buy this kind of U-disk, because it's used less frequently anyway? Of course not! Failure rate in the overall U disk market is very low, but for us personally, as long as we encounter data loss situation that is 100%, I believe that most people can not afford the consequences of data loss.

Which U-disks can't be bought?

Having said so much, which U-drives can't be bought in the end? The following author summarizes some U-disk minefields for you, you must pay attention to.

1. Expanding U-disk

Expansion of U-disk is already a very old trick, but there are still many small white tricks. Now the means of cheaters are very smart, conventional detection capacity software can not detect the expansion of U disk, only to store more data to test. This kind of U-disk takes advantage of Xiaobai's greedy and cheap mentality, so long as we know the price of the regular 1TB U-disk, we will not be deceived any more.

2. roadside booth U-disk

This kind of U-disk is even worse. It can be used well. Some U-disk is an empty shell with a USB interface, and you can't find it when you find it. So you have to go to regular channels to buy U-disk, such as computer stores and business platforms.

3. Reproduction of U-disk

U disk itself is not profitable, express delivery after the merchants have been urging you to confirm receipt, let you give a good comment, they give you cash back. Then you have to pay attention to this kind of U disk, either expansion disk, or dismantle the chip, life is very poor. In this case, we should pay attention to the fact that we do not lose the opportunity to protect the rights of e-commerce platforms for several yuan return.