Help your people work better, together...

the dropspace platform is a people engagement platform, a competency assessment platform, a learning platform, a collaboration platform, a portfolio platform and so much more…
all in one amazing place

dropspace is the people-powered platform that helps increase communication and engagement in organizations; driving growth and fuelling success.


Discover the power of empowered and happy people

Statistics speak volumes

When people are empowered, engaged & involved


fewer sick days every year


higher productivity month on month


better retention - people don't leave

When there is no employee engagement programme


increase in preventable turnover


of annual salary to replace an employee


are looking for a new job - right now

So what is the dropspace network?

With dropspace, government, business & education get their own custom-branded, cloud-based community that provides insightful enterprise and user tools to drive and measure engagement and development – platforms that require zero installation and zero maintenance. Each end-user gets their own profile and can log into any open community with a single login – their information and content travels with them. They can share publically, privately, to their network, to groups or within the specific community that they are part of.

Over 1.2 million cross-network users


Some of the cool features

Cloud-based + Secure

Nothing to install nor maintain, with military grade individually salted AES256 encryption, cloud-hosted.
US, Canadian, European, Australian hosting options.

Social + Gamification

Users can leverage the best of social media together with gamification to drive continued conversation and recognition.
We make it fun and engaging.

Multiple Levels of Privacy

Users and Enterprise owners are in complete control of what can be seen and by whom. Set things to be public, private, network, group & community visible.

Indepth   Insights

Gain indepth insights on your people – find those with matching competencies & skills and find those without, essential tools for informed managers & HR.

What do our clients say?

We use dropspace to help with communication and ideas. We’ve setup different groups, employees can upload a document, and team members can like and comment – it’s a great way to get feedback. It’s a bit like Facebook, just without the annoying cat and food photos!

Samantha A

dropspace is great! We’ve use it as our learning management system and onboarding tool. We can standardize all of our job roles, assign competencies and work skills and I know that all of our staff have met specific levels or are working towards them.

Thomas B

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