2018 — This is the year! This is the year that you’re going to change jobs, pull the trigger, take the leap, leave your current holding pattern and find a career that you love! Whether it’s one of the 29 companies that will be hiring like crazy in 2018 or a dream job in the next cubicle – it is time to start preparing.

Step 1: Reflect and collect

Think back on the last 24 months. What were the problems you solved for your organization? How did you save your department money? What new innovations did you introduce? What project or events happened because of your leadership? Once you’ve made this list – gather evidence. Look for event brochures, thank you cards, financial statements, newspaper articles, email threads, and final reports.

Step 2: Make it habit

Now that you’ve gone into the past to gather evidence of all they great work you’ve done, make it a habit to log evidence as it happens. Reinvent the selfie. Ask others to take a photo or a video of you while you’re on stage. Ask a supervisor to pen some feedback “for your portfolio” when you’re in the moment and the accolades are fresh.

Step 3: Build and organize the content 

Post the content you’ve collected in one or more competency profiles. This will give your content shape and allow the person viewing your portfolio to sort, filter and search for exactly what they’re looking for. If you use a portfolio, you will stand out. If you use a portfolio that takes no more than 3 minutes to see the difference that you bring to the table –  you will win!

Step 4: Plan a growth pathway

Before you share your portfolio, plan the next steps in your growth plan by choosing a competency portfolio that demonstrates your growth mindset. A forward thinking portfolio is what differentiates Competency.io from other e-portfolio platforms and other professional networks. Although it is important to demonstrate past performance, we also believe it is important to demonstrate your plans for excellence going forward.

Step 5: Share and shine!

Share your portfolio with the people who you want to impress. Keep your portfolio private and share the link, or publish a completed competency profile to your public page and share this link. MIT has been using portfolios to screen top talent for the last few years. It is the way of the future. Start now and be sure to stand out!