It's your own platform.

Customize your https-secured platform with your own logos, images, colours, url, css and fonts. No servers to install or maintain. No expensive IT management, backups or operations to work about.

Backed by the biggest names in cloud & hosting – CloudFlare, Amazon AWS, Amazon S3 & Peer1 technologies.

Work together

Users can upload and share with specific teams. They can like, comment, work together and share each others work.


They can use evidence of their work for learning and development, or for promotions and performance reviews.

Users and enterprise can set privacy options.

Amazing web apps

We have a wide variety of web applications on the platform, from competency assessment, multiple choice quizes, knowledge bases, and more. Custom web applications can also be developed specifically for your organization.

Use on any device

It works on any desktop, mobile, tablet or smart tv.


Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.

Critical insights

How are your people engaged; get critical insights – finding people with specific skills or competencies and where they’re at with training and development.


Find out who in your organization are drivers and contribute the most, and who needs direction.

Your choice of location

Cloud-hosted with world-wide datacentres.  Maintain data compliance by choosing Canadian, US, European, African, Hong Kong or Australian data locations.


All live in less than 5 minutes.

Some other awesome features…

  Predefined competency profiles
  Gamification – earn karma points
  Employment availability
  Friends & colleagues network
  Individual & group messaging
  Join multiple communities
  User journals
  Like posts, content and profiles
  Log in using Facebook
  Public, platform, private, network & team feeds
  Online help & support
  Privacy management
  Profile photo
  User portfolios
  Public profile
  Sharing with social media
  Storage Management
  Subscription management
  Upload files
  Verified profiles