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My name is john peter, I am a web designer working in Tampa, FL. I love reading books and more interest in playing football. In fact, I am a very good player in my college days
John peter 
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I am a Go Roku Express Plus user and have been enjoying my streaming experience ever since I brought home this device. Though I did seem to have initial struggles with the device, later on, I figured that it is quite easy to troubleshoot the device. Also, the setup and installation of the device took only about a few minutes, not to mention the activation process. Being an electronic device enthusiast, I love exploring new streaming devices and in the meantime troubleshooting my old ones. You can reach out to me in case you have issues with your Roku or need assistance in activating your player. They are available on a toll-free number 1-877-230-9420 for you to reach me.
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