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ID Shop: Your One Stop Shop for Custom Lanyard Printing

Want to enhance your ID badges? Consider custom lanyard printing from ID Shop. Creating custom lanyards with your organization&rsquo
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11:16am - 28 FebPublic

Choosing a Badge Printer for Your Next Event

Thinking about printing badges in-house for your next event? Printing custom event badges in-house can be a convenient and cost-effective option, but before purchasing an
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Get Your ID Card Ribbon Online at

Searching for a vendor that can supply ID card ribbon online can be confusing and stressful. Why not go to the company that invented ID card ribbon? At, you’ll find the entir
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Custom Printed Lanyards: A Small Detail that Makes a Big Impact

From conventions to musical festivals, teaching conferences to employee training sessions, events come standard issue in nearly all industries and walks of life – and the truth is, it’s often difficult to make your event stand out from all of the other eve
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Impress your Guests: Buy Laminating Pouches and Customized IDs

ID badges are everywhere, from conventions to school trips, open houses, conferences, and even in our daily lives, appearing on security badges and employee IDs. Guests at your events have seen hundreds if not thousands of IDs well
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Four Reasons Why You Need Custom Photo ID Badges for Your Next Event

Custom photo ID badges are a high-end option many companies choose when they want their event to really stand out in their industry. Why should you create custom photo
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8:11am - 07 Dec 2018Public

Hosting a More Professional Event with Custom Badges

You have worked for months on this big event. The guest speakers are lined up, the catering has been finalized, and the attendance list continues to grow. Nothing is stopping you from holding the most outstanding event in your industry today except for one thing: Do y
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Everything You Need to Make Your Event Run Smoothly

At ID Shop, we have a strong history of providing our customers with the best quality credentials, ID cards, badge holders, and ID card supplies. We’re passionate about delivering great products and service while putting you in control of your brand or company&r
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ID Shop: Your One Stop Shop for Everything ID

Every day, we take thing in life for granted. We assume the car will start, the roads will be open, the electricity will be on, the sun will come up in the morning, and the world as we know it will continue to spin. But some things – like the security of your em
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11:55am - 29 Oct 2018Public

Complete Your Event with Custom Badges from ID Shop

Putting together a major event is tricky. There are many moving parts and security is a critical element that simply can’t be overlooked. A successful event must be safe and well patrolled – especially if you are expecting a large number of attendees.
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6:33am - 06 Oct 2018Public

Find Your Company’s Identity with ID Shop

Never take the small things for granted. Every little detail counts when it comes to making your company succeed. You want everything to be the best it can be, from the cleanliness of your building to a healthy working environment. The ability to organize the security
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4 Benefits That Custom ID Badges Can Bring to Your Business

When you’re opening a new business or resupplying your existing business, it’s understandably easy to overlook details that might end up benefiting your business in unexpected ways. With so much going on in the startup and resupply processes, it’s al
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5:42am - 06 Sep 2018Public

Look To ID Shop For Great Security and ID Management Tools

We all want our company to feel organized with a sense of security. When you have the right tools, you can achieve that in no time. At ID Shop, we provide the proper equipment for your staff to get to work feeling safe while maintaining a professional aesthetic. We ca
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ID Shop is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your ID Needs

Shopping for ID cards, badge holders, card printers, and other ID card supplies can often be overwhelming. What level of detail and security features should one have on a card? What materials should it be made out of? Is it better to order your cards directly or to bu