Established in the year 2007, KSB Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of Foundation Bolts, Storage Tanks, Air Receiver, Chimney Fabrication & Erection Mild Steel Gratings, Railings & Industrial Equipments. Our products are manufactured using quality raw material, thereby making them sturdy and durable. Being very easy to install and high functionality, our products find extensive usage in host of industries like chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical, thermal, cement and cosmetics.
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Pipe Flanges Manufacturers India

KSB Engineering is the best manufacturer of standard flanges in India. There are various design available such as "weld neck", "slip-on", "lap joint","socket weld", "threaded", etc. Call on + (91) 09582261655 for more details.
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Site Erection and Pre Structural Frames

Structural design helps the engineer to work on their pre-planned projects effectively. In all types of building construction, the rising demand for the structural steel frame is on the rise and it is not limited to use in the skyscrapers, garage and large structure buildings. Visit on
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Silos Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

KSB Engineering is the leading manufacturing company of silos manufacturer and its provide different shapes of storage tank vertical and horizontal cylindrical open top and closed top.Most container tanks for handling liquids during t
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Stainless Steel Gratings in Ghaziabad

KSB Engineering provide the best quality of stainless steel grating .The grating is any regularly spaced collection of essential parallel, identical and elongated elements. Gratings consist of a sin
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KSB Engineering

KSB Engineering is the leading manufacturing company that provides the quality fabricated equipment. We manufacture foundation bolts, storage tanks, chimney fabrication&erection, steel gratings, railings&other industrial equipment.Read more: http:/
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Industrial Metal Floor Grating

Metal grading systems consider chemical composition, treatment, and  fabricators to select the appropriate product for their application and metal floor gratings are becoming also common in a lot of structures. However, you should find out the advantages of metal gratings.Read more:
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Pressure Vessels and Tanks manufacturer in Ghaziabad

One of the most vital factors regarding our product is its easy installation. All our products are easy to install with stupendous and high functionality. We are the best pressure vessels and tanks manufacturer for its most extensive usage in the industries like thermal, chemical, petrochemical,
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Storage tank manufacturer in Ghaziabad

KSB Engineering is the leading storage tank manufacturer in Ghaziabad. Find storage tanks in various shapes: vertical and horizontal cylindrical; open top and closed top;  flat bottom, cone bottom, etc. Read more :
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Metal Floor Gratings

KSB Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of erection mild steel gratings in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Metal grating is an assembled grid or metal lattice of parallel bearing bars with crossbars or crimp bars used to space and hold the bearing bars erect.visit :